Parallel Brain Imaging Cluster (PBIC)

These are the help pages for the Parallel Brain Imaging Cluster (PBIC). PBIC is a high performance computing cluster, specifically dedicated to neuroimaging data analysis, for data mainly acquired in BUIC, and primarily for use by people using BUIC. Please note it is not a general purpose computing cluster. PBIC consists of a set of RAID storage units, SGE cluster nodes and Brain Imaging Lab (BIL) workstations. It comprises multiple Terabytes of RAID storage, a large tape backup system and multiple (100+) backend processor nodes organised in a Sun Grid Engine (SGE) cluster arrangement designed for efficient working. The BIL workstations are also integrated into this cluster, can view the same directories as the pbic machines and are used as additional processing nodes for the cluster. They are all protected by a firewall. On PBIC many common neuroimaging programs (such as FSL and interactive SPM jobs) are automically sent to cluster nodes that are least heavily used. Other jobs can be submitted as batch jobs. All jobs are queued. If there are spare processing nodes, the jobs are run immediately. If not they are queued, waiting for execution at a later time.



Please e-mail for further help or advice with using the PBIC cluster.