Psychology Brain Imaging Cluster (PBIC) Software

The following image analysis software is installed and supported on the cluster machines:

  • AFNI
    Open a terminal, type afni to run
  • DTIPrep
    Open a terminal, type DTIPrep1.1.1
  • Mango
    Free Dicom viewer supported on Mac, Windows and Linux operating system.
  • Matlab
  • We have a number of different versions of Matlab running on the cluster, which can be set using the command matlab_vset.  To run open a terminal, type matlab to run. You will then be remotely logged into the cluster node that is least busy. You will need to re-enter your password and Matlab will automatically start.
  • mri3dX
    Open a terminal, type mri3dX or template
  • MRIcron
    Open a terminal, type mricron
  • MRIcroGL
    Open a terminal, type mricrogl
  • MRS Software
  • Peate
    Open a terminal, type peate
  • Slicer3
    Open a terminal, type Slicer3
  • SPM5
    Run matlab and in the matlab window type spm5 to run
  • SPM8
    Run matlab and in the matlab window type spm8 to run
  • SPM12
    Run matlab and in the matlab window type spm12 to run


Please e-mail for further help or advice with using the PBIC cluster.